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Treat Mastitis, Clogged Milk Ducts, and Breast Pain

How to Find Relief From Breast Pain, Inflammation, Mastitis, and Clogged Milk Ducts Without Painkillers or Antibiotics!

“Oh ya!!! The clog is gone! … My breast definitely still is sore [and] feels bruised, but oh so much better!!! Thank you again so much.” - New mom in Squamish with recurrent mastitis, after having her first ultrasound treatment.

A blocked (or plugged) duct is an area of the breast where there is an obstruction of milk flow. KellyMom provides an excellent comparison of plugged ducts versus mastitis. A plugged duct usually comes on gradually and affects only one breast.

The International Breastfeeding Centre suggests that if your blocked duct has not resolved naturally within 48 hours, Therapeutic Ultrasound often works. 

They suggest the following: 

“An ultrasound therapist with experience in this technique has more successful results.

If two treatments on two consecutive days have not helped resolve the blocked duct, there is no point in getting more treatments. Your blocked duct should be re-evaluated by your doctor or at our clinic. Usually, however, one treatment is all that is necessary. Ultrasound may also prevent recurrent blocked ducts that occur always in the same part of the breast.”

The dose used depends on the size of the blocked duct, and averages 10 minutes per section of blocked duct. This treatment does not take long, ranging from 10-20 minutes, once daily, for up to two treatments.

This non-invasive protocol has been validated in research and is offered by Glow Physio.

To learn more about how this technology can treat mastitis, read this article by the International Breastfeeding Centre 

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