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If you have found our site because you’re looking for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Core Rehabilitation in Squamish, BC, then you have come to the right place!

If you are looking for Physio advice to break free from pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic pain, without the standard “rest and painkillers” approach, you are in the right place. Get active and transform your pelvic health.

Is Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Right For Me?

Unlike other health disciplines that can provide “temporary relief” of pain and symptoms, Pelvic Health Physiotherapy (when done properly) can rid you of pain and dysfunction and keep it away, getting you back to your active lifestyle. Harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate does require some patience, time, and a bit of work on your part.

If you are not interested in taking an active role in your recovery, if you are looking for a quick fix and not a long term a solution, if you would rather take pills than have to move or exercise, and if you don’t want to do everything you can go avoid surgery, then you would not be a good fit for us.

If, however, you are willing to take an empowered role in your recovery, and want a permanent, natural solution to your pain or condition...

Then like the people below, you can expect an incredible outcome, even if you’ve been in pain for years, or have been told that you didn’t have any other options.


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What Makes Our Approach Different?

Physiotherapist working with patientYou may have already seen a Physiotherapist or another health care provider and are wondering why you should try again. Maybe you felt like they did not spend a lot of time with you and you felt like a number, rather than a person. Or did you feel like all they did was give you a lot of exercises that you could have done by yourself at home.

At Glow Physio, what makes us different from other clinics is our 4 phase process.

You may have seen other medical providers who only treat the symptom of pain. We take the time to understand the root cause of your issue. When it comes to pelvic floor conditions and chronic pelvic or back pain, choosing the right provider and getting the best non-invasive treatment could mean the difference between you getting back to the active lifestyle you deserve, or relying on painkillers and considering major surgery.

In order to heal your condition and give you a permanent solution, we start by getting to know you.

With many traditional health care clinics, treatments can feel rushed. This is why we take the time to get to know your history, what is currently happening in your life, and where you want to take your health. A plan is then tailored to you and your goals, because every person dealing with pain or pelvic dysfunction is different.

Glow Physio was designed to create an optimal healing environment. This starts by having a conversation about your health to make sure we will be a good fit before we start treatment.

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Phase 1: Bring down pain and inflammation.

If you have ever asked yourself what your life would be like if you were free from pelvic, lower back, hip, or knee pain, start here. If you are dealing with pelvic health conditions, inflammation is a key component to address. After we take the time to understand your unique situation, this is the next step. This phase is needed in order to prepare your body for the treatments and exercises that will finally rid you of your pain and dysfunction.

You may have seen a practitioner who tried to skip this step and get you moving while you were still in pain. That doesn’t end well for anyone!

That's why we get rid of pain and inflammation first. We have many tools to help with this stage, including hands-on techniques, tool-assisted techniques (such Graston Technique), and for those who are interested in needling, Acupuncture and/or IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation, also known as Dry Needling). These techniques help to break down scar tissue, improve blood flow, release tension, and unlock stiff, inflamed joints. They also help to calm the nervous system and bring on the relaxation response. We incorporate the mind-body connection since research has proven how important this is to healing.

Phase 2: Get To The Root Cause Of Your Issue.

If you have suffered with pelvic health concerns or chronic pain, you may have gotten imaging that shows some scary findings (which may actually be normal findings). Many people are unaware that they can still improve, even if they have been told they either have to accept it or consider surgery.

If you tried other health care providers in the past and didn’t experience lasting improvements, they may have only treated the “victim” and not targeted the “criminal”. There are so many connections in the body that if there are some parts of your body that aren’t working well (the “criminal(s)”), another part (your lower back for example), may compensate for these problems, and be the true “victim”.

What are some examples of this?

It could be scar tissue from chronic inflammation and old injuries, leading to stiffness and compensation in the way you walk.

It could be tight hip muscles that increase the tension in your back, or tight pelvic floor muscles that are causing muscle imbalances and impaired pelvic floor and core function.

It could be poor posture from prolonged sitting that increases muscle tightness.

It could be certain exercises or stretches that might actually be making you worse.

To get to the true root cause of your pain, we take what we learned from Phase 1 of your treatment, and add on a complete body movement analysis as part of Phase 2. Since different areas of the body are closely connected, we need to examine not only where you feel your pain, but also the areas connected to it (by muscles, connective tissue, and nerves), as well as nervous system and lifestyle factors. At this stage we also use real-time ultrasound to get to the root cause of your issue. We give you valuable, in-depth information about your abdominals and lower back using the latest real-time ultrasound technology. We can also assess your pelvic floor using this technology since research shows pelvic floor dysfunction is correlated with chronic low back pain.

This thorough analysis highlights all the factors contributing to your issue, shows the root cause, and shows the best way for you to move forward in your healing journey. This gets to the true source of your pain and dysfunction, targets it so you can get your mobility back, and sets you on a path to get you back to what you love to do.

Phase 3: Add In Tools To Keep You Healthy And Pain Free

Now that we have taken the time to get to know you and your history, calmed down your pain and inflammation (Phase 1), we have been able to do the complete body movement analysis since you are moving more freely, with less pain. We now know the root cause of your issue and the factors that contributed to it, and have been using hands-on tools and targeted exercises (Phase 2).

Now that you are moving more freely and are feeling stronger, we want to give you the tools to keep your progress going.

Some of these tools may include:

  • Rolling to keep muscle tension from coming back
  • Targeted strengthening to keep the gains you have made
  • Other exercises specific to your condition to keep you doing what you love without fear or reservation
  • Mind-body techniques to keep your nervous system calm, continue your healing, and prevent a relapse.This last point is critical. When you have an injury, especially one that lasts for a prolonged period, the healing hasn’t completed when the pain has stopped. A common reason for re-injury is that the brain-body connection was also injured and was not properly healed.

When you are dealing with pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic pain, there is so much more to healing than to “do kegals” or “strengthen your core”.

When people suffer from pain or dysfunction for a long period of time, the brain copes by “compensating”.

Do any of these compensations sound familiar?

  • Being unable to sit or stand in one place without shifting
  • Needing to use momentum or push up with your hands to get out of bed or out of a chair
  • Feeling a limited ability to bend or twist without an uncomfortable tightness or pain in your back, hips, or pelvis.
  • Excessively bracing your core when you bend or twist, or when you pick up an object.
  • Going to the bathroom “just in case” as a strategy to avoid leakage, which can actually worsen incontinence

These are learned habits that the brain uses to try to protect the body. It has learned that these movements may be harmful and these patterns have become ingrained!

Unfortunately, most programs you find online (and even in Physiotherapy) only focus on strengthening and mobility without restoring these essential mind-body connections. We combine all these elements for transformative results.​

By going through our progressive plan, you will quickly reap the benefits:

  • Develop more body awareness so you can feel improper movements and correct them
  • Feel confident with the daily movements that you have been guarding against or fearful about
  • Enjoy moving and being active, instead of avoiding it
  • Feel empowered to exercise again, but with proper form so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself
  • Appreciate all the little things like getting out of bed, a chair, or your car with ease
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We Will ALWAYS Support You

Phase 4: Having proper support is key to a full recovery. You will be supported throughout your healing, even when you’re no longer getting Physiotherapy sessions.

The support you’ll receive:

  • A free consultation so you can get to know us and choose if we are the right fit for you.
  • One-on-one sessions with your Physiotherapist. You won’t be handed off to an assistant.
  • 100% access to your Physio through email, text, and phone calls.
  • An individualized assessment and treatment plan that is customized to your needs and the time you have available.
  • A personalized home exercise program with videos and an optional app for your phone.
  • Professional treatment strategies that will get you back to all the activities you love.

You may be thinking that your pain and dysfunction are permanent, but secretly you hope to feel normal again. You yearn to get back to enjoying your active life in Squamish and doing what you love. So many people have accepted pain, stiffness, and dysfunction as part of their lives, but you don’t have to be one of them!

Click this link to book a free call to get helpful advice tailored to your specific situation. There is no charge for the call and there is no obligation to book any appointments after the call. Our goal is to help you make the right decision.​

If pain or dysfunction are keeping you from the activities you love, then you need to take a few minutes to contact us today.


Lauren Lozinsky, BHK, MPT, CGIMS, CAFCI
​Registered Physiotherapist
Certified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

About Lauren Lozinsky, founder of Glow Physio

Lauren Lozinsky is a Certified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist with a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy and specializes in treating people with pelvic floor conditions, pelvic pain, and core dysfunction. She is certified in Acupuncture and IMS (dry needling) from the world renowned UBC Gunn IMS Institute. Lauren uses integrative techniques to treat pain and optimize function. She was a Team Canada 400 Metre Hurdler and was short-listed for the Rhodes Scholarship.

For over a decade she has been helping people just like you who want to keep active and healthy to get the most out of life in Squamish! She believes in a holistic approach to restoring pelvic function and strives to make her clients’ recovery as effective as possible.

If you would like to know how Glow Physio can help you, you are invited to start with a completely free, no-obligation video or phone chat.

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