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Glow Physio provides holistic Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for pregnancy and postpartum. There are 2 appointment options: downtown Squamish at Sea To Sky Massage Therapy or virtually.

A comprehensive physical exam in pregnancy helps resolve pregnancy discomforts in your back, hips, and pelvis. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy assesses your pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth and provides customized advice to reduce the risk of tearing and provide guidance to optimize "pushing". An assessment of your abdominal separation (diastasis rectus abdominis/DRA) during pregnancy empowers you to know you're exercising safely and to have a baseline for when you get re-assessed after giving birth. Postpartum, Real-time ultrasound is included to diagnose and treat muscle imbalances, pelvic floor issues, and abdominal separation (diastasis rectus abdominis/DRA). Owner Lauren Lozinsky is certified in Infant Sleep Consultation and advice is included as part of prenatal and postpartum care.

Pregnancy Services

Postpartum Services

Cesarean Birth (C-Section)

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

Who Glow Physio Helps

Pregnant People who want to be confident they are exercising safely, are managing pregnancy discomforts, and are staying strong. They want a holistic approach to prepare their mind, body, and pelvic floor for childbirth and beyond.

New Parents who are motivated to work with their beautiful postpartum bodies while avoiding injury and urinary leakage. They want a holistic approach to recover from their vaginal or cesarean birth. They need to resolve their abdominal separation (diastasis rectus abdominis/DRA) and pelvic floor issues. They want to enjoy pain-free intimacy and return to their active lives.

In addition to being a Certified Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Lauren is also a Registered Physiotherapist who is certified in Acupuncture, IMS (Dry Needling) and Graston Technique. Acupuncture is particularly helpful postpartum to help promote relaxation and healing. IMS can be used to improve blood store and promote alignment and muscle balance. Graston Technique helps with scar tissue and healing fascial adhesions. Fascia in the layer of connective tissue between the muscles and the skin that can contribute to pain and difficulties with joint and muscle mobility, which is particularly relevant postpartum.

About Glow Physio

Glow is a specialized Physiotherapy service providing excellence in pregnancy, childbirth preparation, and postpartum that sees you as a whole person, taking into consideration your physical, mental, and emotional health when caring for you. To make your life easier, appointments are available at Lauren's downtown clinic space at Sea To Sky Massage Therapy and Virtually.

The vision of Glow Physio started with a mom of two young boys who recognized the need for another way to offer the essential service that is Pelvic Health Physiotherapy in Squamish. A portion of each session is allocated to a fund to provide Glow Physiotherapy's Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy services to Squamish Parents and Parents-To-Be on income assistance.

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