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Learn How To Improve Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Function Through Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

If you are living with chronic pelvic pain or stiffness, it’s common to hope that it will resolve on its own.

Too many people have been suffering with Pelvic Health Conditions aren't aware of the strong research supporting the use of Clinical Pilates for pelvic floor and abdominal rehab. They may be unaware that it is covered as Physiotherapy when administered by a licensed Physiotherapist and can be used as part of their treatments.

Sessions with Glow Physio & Pelvic Wellness can include Clinical Pilates as part of the rehabilitation plan. These highly effective exercises improve pelvic floor and core function in a mindful way.

If you are wondering whether Clinical Pilates would be a beneficial tool to improve your pelvic health, you are invited to book a free call. You’ll get answers to all of your questions and there is no obligation to book any appointments after the call.

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