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Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (DRA) is where the abdominal muscles separate along the midline and is a common occurrence during pregnancy and postpartum. Not everyone completely recovers from their DRA postpartum, and it has been implicated in lower back and pelvic pain, among other conditions. The reason for this is that our abdominal region can be described as the “abdominal canister”, with the diaphragm above, pelvic floor below, back muscles behind, and abdominals in the front. If we lack support in the front part of this canister, we lose our ability to manage abdominal pressure and provide adequate support.

Lauren Lozinsky, owner of Glow Phsyio, has done training with Diane Lee, the leader in DRA treatment and a leader in DRA research. Her research has led to a world-wide paradigm shift in the goals for training women with DRA (hint – don’t just aim to close that gap!).

If you are pregnant and are concerned with your level of DRA (since some level of DRA Is normal and expected given that your abdomen needs to accommodate a growing baby), Lauren can assess not only your DRA but also get a holistic picture of your stage of pregnancy and any concerns you have. This can include your pelvic girdle, pelvic floor, your body’s alignment, and help get you mentally and physically prepared for childbirth. You will get a deeper understanding of how your body is doing and how you can feel stronger and optimize your pregnancy in order to go into your birth with confidence.

When you visit Glow Physio, you get a holistic approach to enhance your recovery.

If you are looking to start getting active while respecting your body’s need to heal, Glow Physio is here to help. We will provide a Postpartum Assessment with individualized advice and recommendations of what types of exercises can be done for your specific stage of recovery. You will understand what signs and symptoms to watch out for while exercising to respect your healing abdomen and pelvic floor.

  • A holistic postpartum assessment that measures your DRA using Real-TIme Ultrasound
  • Sleep strategies to enhance healing (including infant sleep advice)
  • Exercises and protective strategies to use in the first 6 weeks postpartum. A progression of exercises for when you are beyond the 6 week mark will be discussed in later visits, including when you can return to running and high impact sport if this is of interest to you.
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