Squamish Physiotherapy Specializing in Pelvic Health & Chronic Pain

Thank you for taking an interest in my practice. It is the only one in the Sea To Sky Corridor focusing exclusively on Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health Conditions. I have dedicated my career to this field and look forward to each day and the impact restored pelvic health has on my clients’ lives. My goal is to help the pelvic floor and core work the way they were meant to, helping my clients to lead fulfilling lives.  

I take the time to get to the root cause of my clients’ issues using a warm, holistic approach that looks beyond the pelvis. My clients come from throughout the Sea To Sky Corridor and Vancouver Island and I welcome clients of all genders. I am also a trauma-informed practitioner. My practice is also unique in the support I provide to my clients between visits (by email, text or phone) so that they don’t need to wait until their next appointment to have questions answered. Read more about how I can help you:

I also use the latest research to help my clients successfully return to running and other impact activities.

The pelvic floor and core muscles are part of our body’s foundation and deepest support system. Ensuring these muscles are working well is also key to enhancing athletic performance (and to being able to jump on a trampoline and run with confidence!). 

I am a member of the Women’s Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy has an increasing body of research supporting it; I am continually pursuing the most effective techniques and certifications to optimize pelvic health.


Read on to learn about some of techniques and technology available through my practice:

Advanced technology:

  • Real-Time Ultrasound:
    • Using non-invasive Real-Time Ultrasound, clients connect to and train their inner pelvic floor and core muscles. They can see their muscles during a treatment session and get to the root cause of their pelvic and abdominal issues.

Enhanced inner core strength:

  • Clinical Pilates: 
    • Through my training as a Clinical Pilates Instructor, I incorporate Pilates exercises to efficiently and mindfully improve pelvic floor and core function. 

Customized hands-on techniques: 

  • Graston and Myofascial Techniques: 
    • As a Graston Technique Practitioner, I incorporate myofascial release techniques to help with urinary and bowel issues, pelvic pain, and scar tissue management. Visceral techniques augment these treatments, and research-based protocols are followed to help with bladder and pelvic pain as well as urinary incontinence. The Rost Technique is incorporated to effectively treat and prevent pelvic girdle pain.

The Mind-Body Connection:

  • Mindfulness and pain science education:
    • I am a compassionate practitioner who takes the time to understand the impact pain has on your life and all the contributing factors. The research is clear that the biopsychosocial framework is key for pain and tension syndromes. I am trained to use this approach to help you make progress. 
    • There is strong research supporting the role of the nervous system in pelvic health conditions and chronic pain. The pelvic floor is also unique in the way it is sensitive to stress and anxiety. I have done courses and continuing education on mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and yin yoga. Together we will find techniques for your schedule and lifestyle, bringing you greater wellbeing. Incorporating these practices can have a tremendous impact and can help bring the change you are looking for.


Before becoming a mom of two boys, I was on Team Canada for the 400 Metre Hurdles and was a bronze medallist at the Canadian Track and Field Championships. I am thankful to have been short-listed for the Rhodes Scholarship and have published research in the journal Arthritis

The vision of Glow Physio & Pelvic Wellness started with recognizing the need for a dedicated Pelvic Health Physiotherapy practice in Squamish. A portion of each session is allocated to a fund to provide Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy services to residents of Squamish on income assistance. I am also working on forming a collaboration with the Howe Sound Women’s Centre to provide support to trauma survivors. I am grateful to have been awarded the 2022 Health Promotion, Knowledge Translation and Advocacy bursary from the Women’s Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

Outside the clinic, I love to trail run, strength train, practice Pilates and yoga, incorporate breathwork, and chase my two young sons.

For those with extended health coverage, I am able to directly bill most plans, and my services are covered under Physiotherapy. 

I invite you to connect with me by phone, text, or email. You're also welcome to book a free virtual consultation to see how I can help.





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