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Cesarean Birth Scar

For some moms whose scars have healed well, a Cesarean scar is a reminder of the amazing feat their body has performed. For other moms whose scars are red, inflamed, and sensitive, C-Section scars can cause pain superficially and deep to the scar and feelings of self-consciousness. Often visits to the doctor for such scars result in the comment that “everything is healing well”, which may be true, but it may not truly reflect what is happening below the surface.

In addition to pain, sensitivity, and body image issues, many other unwanted issues can result, including bladder frequency and/or urgency, abdominal sensitivity, and vaginal or pubic bone pain.

Many moms also complain about a “shelf” that forms above their Cesarean scar. Deep scar tissue and restriction of the fascia (connective tissue) contribute to this. This can cause moms to feel self conscious and to feel a sense of dissatisfaction. Therapeutic Ultrasound can help flatten scars and improve the esthetics of the abdomen around the scar tissue.

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