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If you’re living with bad hips or knees, they may be painful or achy. It can be tempting to blame the pain on “wear and tear”, thinking it’s “just something that comes with age”,  or that “it’s nothing and it’ll go away on its own”.

If this is happening to you, you are not alone. Hip and knee pain are two of the most common problems that we see during our in-home physiotherapy sessions in Squamish. Glow Physio owner Lauren Lozinsky has published research in the journal Arthritis about hip and knee replacements, and is here to answer your questions.


Why am I still Suffering From Hip or Knee Pain?

Hip & Knee Pain Treatment

Most people hope that their hip or knee pain will go away on its own. They hope they’ll wake up one morning pain-free. Yet 6 months later their pain persists, and it’s often worse than when it first started.

Does This Sound Like You?

Another scenario we see is when people have sought medical advice and have been told to rest, to ”try these painkillers”, and may be told they need to “get an MRI”.

Often 6 weeks later they return to that same medical practitioner because it hasn’t gotten any better. They may be told they have some worrisome findings from their imaging (which may be normal findings). They may then be given an even stronger prescription and advised more rest or an injection as their only options. This explains why so many people are continuing to suffer from chronic hip or knee pain.

Has This Happened to You?

When you don’t know where to turn, it can be very confusing. Add this to the fact that many people accept hip or knee pain as if it’s normal, and it is easy to lose hope. This helps explain why you might put off making a decision about what to do to help fix your hip or knee pain.


If You Have Currently Living With Hip Or Knee Pain,
Here Are 9 Reasons Why It Could Persist

  1. You thought rest would help because your hip or knee was so painful, but it led to more stiffness.
  2. You were prescribed painkillers or an injection, but the pills provided only short-term relief and the pain came right back when the injection wore off.
  3. You tried other healthcare professionals in the past, perhaps another physiotherapist or a chiropractor, without lasting results.
  4. You received treatment that only focused on your hip or knee (the “victim”) but didn’t address the underlying issue (“the criminal”).
  5. You saw another practitioner who was not familiar with the current research on pain, using the whole-person or “biopsychosocial approach”. This has been shown to be key to treating chronic pain.
  6. You were given too many exercises to do and you did not have time to complete them.
  7. A family member or friend told you that everybody gets hip and knee pain as they get older, so you questioned whether anything could be done.
  8. You tried exercise classes or online videos but you saw no change or they worsened your pain.
  9. You tried a massage gun or foam roller. They may have provided temporary relief but did not target the source of the problem.

If any of these sound familiar, book a call with us so we can tell you what can be done. The fact that you’ve tried any or all of these things shows your dedication to improve and is actually a GOOD THING! When you know what doesn’t work, you are closer to finding out what does!

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What Can I Do To Get Rid Of My Hip Or Knee Pain Quickly?

Here are 4 ways to get started:

  • Start by Making a Decision – Waiting is what causes most people’s hip or knee pain to persist. They hope their pain will resolve on its own, then 6 months later nothing has changed, or it has gotten worse.
  • Get To The Root Cause – One of the best things to help you ease your hip or knee pain quickly is to find out why it is happening in the first place. Only then can you do the right exercises carefully selected for you by your physiotherapist. The right series of progressed exercises will help you reduce pain and allow you to move more freely again, without aggravating your symptoms like some exercises can. They will also make sure your issue stays away long term.
  • Avoid Sitting And Long Periods Of Rest – We were not designed to sit. When you sit for too long, you put your hips and knees in stressful positions that can harm them over time. Your physiotherapist will give you appropriate strengthening exercises for better posture and a stronger core, along with hands-on treatment. This is the best way to get you active and healthy as quickly as possible.
  • Get Customized, Hands-On Physiotherapy Treatment – Physiotherapy is proven to help people with hip and knee pain. If your hip or knee pain is affecting your ability to keep active, if it threatens your independence or your ability to do your job, or if it gets in the way of spending quality time with your family and friends, we are here to help. We will get you back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible.
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How Can Choosing To Have An In-Home Visit From Glow Physio Help You Get Rid Of Your Hip and Knee Pain?

  • The stress and anxiety of living with hip and knee pain can strain relationships. We can help you get back to the activities you have been missing, without fear or reservation.
  • Hip and knee pain can interfere with restful sleep. We can help you resolve your symptoms in order to live with more energy each day.
  • We will provide you with customized exercises geared to the activities you have been missing out on, that will enhance your recovery without flaring up your symptoms.
  • We can help you avoid dangerous surgeries and painful injections.
  • We can help you become less reliant on medications to minimize their long term consequences.
  • We can help you sit and relax more comfortably and enjoy walking again without your hips and knees feeling painful and weak.
  • We can help you find out why you’re still dealing with this pain or injury, and why your previous treatments failed to solve your issue.
  • We can find and address the root cause to resolve your pain and keep it away.
  • We can help you finally get restful sleep so you can enjoy your days with more energy and vigor.
  • We can help you avoid hip or knee surgery and painful injections.
  • We can help you take control of your hip and knee pain and get back to enjoying time with your family and friends
  • We can keep you out of the waiting room and back to the activities you love.

What would your life look like in a few months if you no longer had hip and knee pain?

Glow Physio can help you get more enjoyment out of your life by being more active, feeling more youthful, and getting your confidence back.

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